About Us

Who We Are?

Indonesian Maritime Law Association


The IMLA is a member organization of the Comité Maritime International (CMI), a non-governmental international organization devoted to the same object of the unification of maritime law and is the only organization in Indonesia entitled to attend the International Conferences of the CMI.

At these international conferences, discussions take place between delegations sent by the maritime law associations around the world with the object of arriving at conclusions on issues of maritime law of the day for transmission to the governments of the association’s country or to international organizations.

Vision and Mission

IMLA aims to develop the Indonesian maritime sector through the facilitation of the expansion of the Indonesian merchant marine fleet, improvement of Indonesian law, integration with the international community and empowerment of private and governmental resources. We are committed to the democratic development of a transparent and predictable legal regime and the fostering of advancement of human resources both in the legal profession and among seafarers.


To achieve its vision and mission, IMLA endeavours to conduct the following activities:

  • collect, publish and distribute, through any tools and media, the literature, statutory laws, treaties and international conventions in the field of maritime law for free;
  • convey advices and thoughts in order to improve the maritime world and profession in Indonesia; and
  • provide facilities and develop the relationship between the members of IMLA, the maritime communities, either private or governmental institutions, including but not limited to the in the maritime industry, international organizations and government officials.